Pendang Mathematics Society is one of the most active organisation in Pendang secondary school( Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pendang ). Its members comprising of multi-races students from Form 1 to Form 6. Over years, a lot of fascinating events had been held in order to brush up students` socializing skill and  managing skills towards activity as well as to develop their interests in mathematics.

Events and competitions which deeply related to mathematics theories such as the making of polyhedral, tetrahedral kites, origami, trigamy and so on  had been organised differently year by year.

To manage those interesting activities successfully, cooperation between consultant teachers and students is required.

Hence, we encourage members to discuss on a certain event and to decide among themselves be it on the floor or the table. Quarrels and conflicts are inevitable but only then can they realise the value of event which they had work for by paying sweats, tears and time. And only then, can they learn how to appreciate things they work together which have taken a lot from them. And only then, can they realise what teamwork stand for. We teach our members nothing but only guide them to reach their desired destination and they are left to experience the challenges.   

There are rules in our society which have to be abided by our members. Those rules are not to limit their activities nor their progress. There are no such rule like the discussion has to ended before 5p.m. no matter how it goes,but in  fact, it is timeless. As long as it is carried out with purpose which regards to the society and the members are taking the matter seriously, we permit. In other words, it is free for the members to do what they want as long as they abide the school rules. While the most important thing is they need to completed their job on time. This is one of the rules we have, to be responsible and reliable.

Members from this society although have different background, culture and even charater, they all have a common goal. To create their own stage for them to sing their favourite song and dance prominently during their secondary school lives as they all know that is their only chance in their whole life. This is Pendang Math Society.

 ( Math society of Pendang )

Unity is the most powerful driving force to lead a team in accomplishing the obligation and actualise their dreams.  


Unity also acts as an unbreakable wall to defense insults, complaints and failures.   


Unity is the beacon of hope for the team members by which forbids them from giving up nor stepping back when stumble with obstacles and fall in dilemma. It can in turn strenghten their spirits to achieve goals in their lives. 


Principle is fundamental in maintaining relationship between team members and avoiding them from forgetting their original role








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